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How long does a cycle take?

Only from three to five minutes and synthetic fibers take less than two minutes.

Do clothes come out completely dry?

No, clothes that have been spin-dried for two or three minutes are left with a residual humidity of about 30%, which is ideal for ironing.

How much energy does it consume in a year?

9KWh x $0.19=$1.71
(Based on 365 drying cycles of 3 minutes each)
*This value may vary according to cost ($) per kilowatt hour.

How much does delivery cost and how long will it take?

ALL  AUSTRALIAN STATES- $45.00 per unit
Prices include GST.
Delivery time: 4 to 9 working days. Extra time for rural areas.

We do not ship internationally via this website. Please contact us

How do I make a warranty claim?

Please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you with your warraty claim.

How long does it take for clothes to be completely dry?

It depends on the kind of clothes: they will dry immediately if they are ironed as soon as they are taken out of the spin-drier. If they are not, it is not necessary to air them outside, they can be aired indoors. In this case, it takes from a few minutes to a couple of hours in extreme cases such as very thick fabrics, pullovers, sweaters, etc.

Is it possible for the spinning cycle to ruin clothes?

No, under no circumstances can it ruin clothes, no matter how delicate they are. On the contrary, they come out very soft, especially thick fabrics such as wool, towels, etc., because the spinning cycle gets rid of residue soap which always remains on clothes after they have been washed.

How do you know when to stop the cycle?

When no more water comes out of the spout.

What would happen if the user forgot about the spin-drier and left it on for hours?

Absolutely nothing, it can be left on spinning for weeks. The temperature of the motor under these circumstances is lower



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